Saturday, May 17, 2008

Setting Realistic Goals For Your Weight Loss Goal Worksheet

Weight loss is not supposed to be a blind man's journey. It is not about waking up one day and wanting to lose weight. Rather, weight loss is a long term process of losing weight through healthy means and keeping the weight off with a healthy lifestyle. To kick start your weight loss journey, it is best to have a weight loss goal worksheet at hand so you can realistically set your goals and plans.

What it is

A weight loss goal worksheet can help keep track of your weight loss journey so you can monitor how much you have achieved in a specific amount of time. Ideally, your weight loss goal worksheet should be checked and consulted regularly by a doctor, so he can guide you on your journey, just in case you've lost your way.

What is contains

Your weight loss goal worksheet contains the basic information including your height and weight at the start of your weight loss program, your body mass index (BMI), and your weight loss goals. There are many weight loss worksheets available on the internet. You can also make your own weight loss goal worksheet or you can consult with an expert to come up with a personalized and realistic worksheet.

The path to weight loss

In your weight loss journey, you might be tempted to find a shortcut so you can easily achieve your weight loss goal. But do not cheat your way to weight loss! It is important to undergo a healthy diet and exercise regime that will help promote healthy weight loss. The advantage of having a weight loss worksheet is you can set real goals and once you have achieved that goal, you can now start maintaining the weight you have lost.

One essential - yet difficult - part of weight loss is weight loss management. A weight loss worksheet can help you in weight loss management with ease.

Phillip England is a weight loss expert and Author of the popular report "The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret". To receive your free information on the secret that doctors, and health companies either don't know, or don't want you to know, please see

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moving and Eating Out

I've made the decision to move to move to Wordpress. It just seemed a bit more flexible and professional than Blogger. I was overwhelming myself trying to keep up the two sites and decided to combine them. So, if you have me bookmarked, please join me at my new home. I ask that you bear with me while I get my footing. After a bit of nail biting, and hair pulling, I'm really liking the new format.

I will probably be using this diary to post PayPerPost articles. So please bookmark Say Goodbye to the Pounds' new home.

Tonight we went out to dinner to IHOP. I know most of their food is way off the charts as far as calories go. So I played safe and ordered the garden veggie omelet with two pancakes and sugar free syrup. And now I'm sitting here with my first rum and diet pepsi finished, and going for the second one after I post this.

I constantly get questioned on how I lost the weight when I eat foods that I'm not supposed to. I don't believe in denying myself. There is a way to fit in all the foods you love. I'm a firm believer in "Don't do anything to lose weight that you're not willing to do for the rest of our life." I'm going to be sharing my food journals here, so people can see that you can lose weight and eat "normal" food.

I received my bracelet from Yardsale Princess and the nicest card. Thank you again!

Goodbye Pounds, Hello Clothes
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Postponed Weigh In

Today is supposed to be my official weigh-in day. But, I'm being lazy. Partially. I didn't take out my meat to make dinner early enough. So I'm going to fix dinner, and just go tomorrow morning.

Tonight I am making Taco Soup for dinner. Thought some of you might like this:

Taco Soup
1 pound lean ground turkey
1 onion, chopped
1 oz Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Dry
1 package McCormick Taco Seasoning (30% less sodium),
15 oz Beans, pinto,
15 oz Beans, red kidney,
15 oz Yellow Sweet Corn, Canned
15 iz Beans, black
14.5 oz Del Monte Diced Tomatoes,
28 oz College Inn Chicken Broth (Light & FF)

In a large pot, brown ground turkey. Rinse canned foods (not tomatoes) to remove sodium. Add to pot. Cook for 20-30 minutes until.

I usually make a double batch and freeze in bowls of about two cups.

Top with 1/4 cup shredded cheese (2% or fat free), top with 2 tablespoons fat free sour cream.

I thought all the giveaways were done with the Bloggy Giveaway. Not a chance. JohnIsFit is giving away a bike! I could definitely use one, as I've been riding my sons' bikes (on the rare occasions that I ride a bike outside). That boy bar is really annoying.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I got this idea from another blog I read.

In July when I was at my personal goal weight of 150 (a few pounds under), this is what I looked like.

I was feeling great, even though I'd just gone through a crapload of hell. I was down to a size 10.

This next pic was taken last month at a retirement party my husband and I had gone to. I'd gained about 40 pounds.

So now I'm at a point, I have no clothes bigger than a 14, and very few of those. And, they are a bit too snug on me. They are tighter than they were when I wore them Thanksgiving 2006. I remember when they were loose enough that I had space in my butt.

Those pictures were taken on Sunday, May 4th.

My first challenge to myself will be to take the same pics wearing the same pants in exactly four weeks (Sunday, June 1st).

Goodbye Pounds, Hello Clothes
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Monday, May 5, 2008

We Have Food

How bad is it that the highlight to my weekend was finally getting our grocery shopping done? I have all sorts of goodies to keep me on track. We're loaded up on fruit (apples, green & red grapes, bananas), 4 pound bags of frozen veggies.

Breakfast today an egg beaters and 2% mexican cheese omelet with turkey bacon wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. YUMMILICIOUS

I'm definitely going to start my exercise routine again this week. I have the treadmill and the recumbant bike. I have no reason not to do this. Thirty minutes on each. I'll start by alternating days. One day the bike, one day the treadmill.

I ordered my copy of Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World (and two Weight Watcher cookbooks) from Amazon, and I can't wait to get it! I mentioned her as one of my favorites and I'm really excited. Even if you're not interested in the book, please check the link. She has a free e-booklet deal with Amazon, Hungry Girl's Weekend Fun Guide, with some really good low-cal recipes (alcoholic drinks, pigs in a blanket, microwave chocolate cake, bbq seafood skewers, peach crumble, baked pretzels, pb&j cocoa-nana trail mix, breakfast, banana bread, chicken lo mein, crunchy apple pie sundae). You'll need Adobe to get the ebook. But, I can't wait to make the banana bread! A huge slice for 140 calories!

Please don't forget to check out the new forum I made, Goodbye Pounds, Hello Clothes. Share your clothes as you lose weight with someone else who is losing weight.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Goodbye Pounds, Hello Clothes

Hopefully, we're all losing weight and our clothes are getting too big for us!

What are you doing with your clothes that are too big?
How often are you buying new clothes, just to have them be too big too soon?
Are you saving those clothes for "just in case?"

Get rid of them. If you're keeping them around because you might gain the weight back, you're only setting yourself up to fail.

When you're losing weight and your clothing size is changing every month or two, it can get expensive to keep buying clothes.

When I started at a size 20, I didn't buy ANY new clothes until I hit size 14. Thankfully, it was winter, and baggy jeans were in style. ::) But, afterwards, I bought every two sizes. When I got to a size 10, then again at size 8. I also bought as cheap as I could find. Because I knew it would be too big in another month or two. I'd survive through the two sizes with two pairs of jeans and five tops, just alternating them.

I was lucky enough that my girlfriends were all my starting size, and one who had done the gastric bypass and was losing quickly. So, every time I cleaned out my closets, I gave them the clothes. They racked up with coats, work clothes, casual clothes. Expensive clothes. :-X

I could've given them to charity, but my friends could use them more. Besides, I never claimed the deduction on my taxes anyway. Sometimes I just threw bags (hundreds of dollars, sometimes new stuff) away because I couldn't get them to a charity and my friends couldn't get to me, and we needed the space.

I created a forum, Hello Pounds, Goodbye Clothes, in the hopes that all of us traveling on our weight loss journeys would help one another more than we already do.

If your clothes are just piling up, and you're holding on to them just in case, you can list clothes you're willing to give away in the Donation Center. Just go to the correct size and post what you have.

If you're in need of clothes, first you should check the Donation Center. If you're looking for something specific that's not listed (a prom dress, a wedding gown, a business suit, etc.), go to the board titled, "In Search Of" and post a message in the correct size of what you're looking for.

Since the receiver will be getting the clothes, all I ask is that you pay the shipping fees. It is the responsibility of the person donating the clothes to find out the shipping fees.

Please let's do this together. If you're lucky enough to receive someone's clothes, pay it forward and donate some of your clothes that are too big.

Unfortunately, some of us may be going in the opposite direction. If you're holding onto those size 8s, in hopes that you'll fit into them when its been a few years and you're now a size 14, love yourself as you are. Donate those and maybe get some clothes from here that a larger size. Then when you're ready to get back on your journey, you can donate the larger clothes.


I've already given most of my too-big clothes away. But, I think I have a bag or two in the closet, and will be going through it tomorrow to see what is suitable to be donated.

If you think this is a good idea, I'd appreciate you telling your friends about it. Make a blog entry, copy the little icon below onto your page, with a link to the forum. Thanks!

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Drinking Cold Water When You're Cold

Since I initially lost weight, I find myself constantly cold. Or extremely hot. Yes, I know that also has to do with age. But, its MAY, and I'm FREEZING! Drinking over 64 ounces of cold water a day doesn't help. Mother Nature has decided to visit, which makes it worse.

I've been really good with eating the last two weeks. We still haven't done our grocery shopping. I think its been three weeks, and we usually do it every two. So, I'm really trying to make the best choices from almost-bare cabinets.

So, as I'm sitting here finishing off the first 32 ounces, and thinking about making tea, I'm getting hungry for lunch. Digging through the cabinets, I came across some Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Since starting WW two years ago, I've made soup a regular. Taco Soup, chicken vegetable soup, heck even vegetable soup. But, the only time I eat canned soup is when I'm sick. But, that's what was there, and I wasn't up to cooking for lunch.

I put the soup on to heat, threw some frozen broccoli and corn in, found some leftover barbecue chicken breasts (halved), and threw one of those in too.

I'm no longer hungry AND warm. I think I'll put some water on for tea to get the rest of my water in. I feel like an idiot drinking cold water, then complaining that I'm cold.

What are your quick throw together meals?

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Vents and Friday Faves

I love Entrecard. I've used it not even a month, and have found so many great blogs through it. However, am I the only one who gets totally annoyed when I go through my inbox to drop on everyone and have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the widget? It makes me not want to drop. And, what about the ones who don't have a widget? Some I give benefit of the doubt that they're new. But, its annoying to find so many.

Only thing I'm missing today is my dairy. We have 2% milk, and I won't waste my points on it. I did have 1/4 c part-skim mozzarella on my bbq chicken and veggies tonight. So, I guess I'm doing ok.

And, I'm getting ready to have my second rum and diet pepsi! I'm still not over my points.

Today is Friday Faves, and I'm going to share five weight loss websites that I've come across that I plan on returning to (all open in a new window):


Exercise to Fitness - The latest entry is "10 Reasons to Choose Exercise." I should post this on my fridge.
Diet Recipes - I'm always on the lookout for new healthy recipes.
Lazy Fitness - Some great exercises you can do in seconds, at your desk.
Three Fat Chicks on a Diet - Full of weight loss resources
Hungry Girl - "I'm not a nutritionist, I'm just hungry." I remember when I found her site. I fell in love. Its definitely worth it to sign up for her new letter.

Now, for my top 10 Entrecard droppers in April. I started April 10th. I'm really glad to have found that site. I had no idea how to find blogs otherwise. Thank you all.

Health, Fitness, Lifestyle
Diet Pulpit
Lap Band Progress
Stir The Cauldron
Health Nut Wannabee Mom
DecMeadow Studios
Money Maker Times
Treasure Nature

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Quitting Isn't an Option

I received a note on my last entry from Yardsale Princess, stating she's nervous about returning to her meeting because she gained a little bit, less than two pounds.

In 2004, I joined Weight Watchers for the first time. Assumed I could just cut down my portions, and continued to eat. I gained 4 POUNDS the next week. I walked out of that meeting, and didn't return for two years. You can read more of that store at my Say Goodbye to the Pounds main site.

When I rejoined Weight Watchers in 2006, over the 18 months, I lost 86 pounds. I had weeks where I gained, weeks where I lost, and weeks where I maintained. Sometimes I knew I was doing everything right and gained. Well, that could be water weight, period weight, or maybe I just had to go to the bathroom. If I had a heavy-eating day the day before, it would show up.

But, it wasn't a true gain. As long as I stayed on plan, it would come off the next week, and plus some (especially if Aunt Flo was visiting). Besides, my weight can fluctuate up to five pounds daily. One weight today, five pounds heavier tomorrow, and six pound lighter the next day. It's normal.

In January 2007, at my one-year anniversary, I'd lost 52 pounds. One pound a week, which included big losses, and an 8-pound gain over the December holidays.

This is what I did for my weigh-in days, which are at 5:30 Wednesday evenings:

I'd eat a normal breakfast (oatmeal with fruit, or cereal).
Lunch would consist of a salad.
I'd drink my water up until an hour before the meeting. Just to ensure I could make it there without any accidents.

If I weighed in in the mornings, I'd do so before eating breakfast. If it was at lunchtime, I'd eat breakfast, and lunch would be had afterwards.

The trick is to weigh in at the same time, wearing the same clothes (or similar) every time.

If you see a gain because you know you weren't on point, don't sweat it. The best thing you can do is be honest, own up to what you did, and move on.

If you gain, knowing you did everything right, then have faith that the next week you will see a bigger loss the next time, if you don't give up.

There's also an option to not be weighed in. So, if you know you've had a bad week and just gave up for the week, go to the meeting. Use your "don't weigh in" pass, and get the motivation from the meeting. No matter how bad I've been, Wednesday is like a start-over day for me. What happened in the past is over, and I have a do-over.

The worst thing you can do is give up and be afraid to return. If I'd stuck with it in 2004, I'd have been at my goal weight by 2006. If I hadn't allowed my money issues and my disaster-of-a-life to derail me last year, I would be at my goal weight now AND have a job with Weight Watchers. I was only 10 pounds away. Now I'm 50.

I have the poem, "Don't Quit" posted on my refrigerator, and I carry one in my bag. I'm not quitting this time. Quitting isn't an option. This time.

What's your biggest hurdle when trying to lose weight?

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Need Meetings

I walked into the Weight Watchers office yesterday. Nervous as hell. Embarrassed because I'd left 10 months ago at 10 pounds away from my goal (140) and returned 40 pounds heavier. I have told many people not to be embarrassed about returning, yet here I was feeling the same exact way.

The first words my leader, Melanie (whom I adore and admire), said was, "You are a sight for sore eyes." I just felt like she'd beat me up, though I knew she wouldn't. It was great seeing the people who'd been there when I left. It felt like home.

Some people can do this on their own. Some people need the accountability. Under better circumstances, I could've done it on my own.

I sat through this meeting, and then the orientation. I didn't need the orientation. I know the drill. She mentioned that I'd met with many successes, and we were going for the gold this time (lifetime and a job).

Afterwards, she just kept saying she was so glad to have me back. I felt the same way, yet still embarrassed that I'd allowed myself to get out of control again.

Here's to officially tracking my foods, weekly weigh-ins, and success.