Saturday, May 3, 2008

Goodbye Pounds, Hello Clothes

Hopefully, we're all losing weight and our clothes are getting too big for us!

What are you doing with your clothes that are too big?
How often are you buying new clothes, just to have them be too big too soon?
Are you saving those clothes for "just in case?"

Get rid of them. If you're keeping them around because you might gain the weight back, you're only setting yourself up to fail.

When you're losing weight and your clothing size is changing every month or two, it can get expensive to keep buying clothes.

When I started at a size 20, I didn't buy ANY new clothes until I hit size 14. Thankfully, it was winter, and baggy jeans were in style. ::) But, afterwards, I bought every two sizes. When I got to a size 10, then again at size 8. I also bought as cheap as I could find. Because I knew it would be too big in another month or two. I'd survive through the two sizes with two pairs of jeans and five tops, just alternating them.

I was lucky enough that my girlfriends were all my starting size, and one who had done the gastric bypass and was losing quickly. So, every time I cleaned out my closets, I gave them the clothes. They racked up with coats, work clothes, casual clothes. Expensive clothes. :-X

I could've given them to charity, but my friends could use them more. Besides, I never claimed the deduction on my taxes anyway. Sometimes I just threw bags (hundreds of dollars, sometimes new stuff) away because I couldn't get them to a charity and my friends couldn't get to me, and we needed the space.

I created a forum, Hello Pounds, Goodbye Clothes, in the hopes that all of us traveling on our weight loss journeys would help one another more than we already do.

If your clothes are just piling up, and you're holding on to them just in case, you can list clothes you're willing to give away in the Donation Center. Just go to the correct size and post what you have.

If you're in need of clothes, first you should check the Donation Center. If you're looking for something specific that's not listed (a prom dress, a wedding gown, a business suit, etc.), go to the board titled, "In Search Of" and post a message in the correct size of what you're looking for.

Since the receiver will be getting the clothes, all I ask is that you pay the shipping fees. It is the responsibility of the person donating the clothes to find out the shipping fees.

Please let's do this together. If you're lucky enough to receive someone's clothes, pay it forward and donate some of your clothes that are too big.

Unfortunately, some of us may be going in the opposite direction. If you're holding onto those size 8s, in hopes that you'll fit into them when its been a few years and you're now a size 14, love yourself as you are. Donate those and maybe get some clothes from here that a larger size. Then when you're ready to get back on your journey, you can donate the larger clothes.


I've already given most of my too-big clothes away. But, I think I have a bag or two in the closet, and will be going through it tomorrow to see what is suitable to be donated.

If you think this is a good idea, I'd appreciate you telling your friends about it. Make a blog entry, copy the little icon below onto your page, with a link to the forum. Thanks!

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wow! That is a great idea! You seem like a really motivated person. Enjoy reading your blog.

narissa said...

i like that motto....

Haney said...

Yea i often do that. But at least hang a desired size dress for motivation purpose :D

MacNelly Family Adventures said...

Great idea! I got rid of my clothes at a yard sale. I'm really trying not to buy anymore until I get to my goal weight.