Saturday, May 3, 2008

Drinking Cold Water When You're Cold

Since I initially lost weight, I find myself constantly cold. Or extremely hot. Yes, I know that also has to do with age. But, its MAY, and I'm FREEZING! Drinking over 64 ounces of cold water a day doesn't help. Mother Nature has decided to visit, which makes it worse.

I've been really good with eating the last two weeks. We still haven't done our grocery shopping. I think its been three weeks, and we usually do it every two. So, I'm really trying to make the best choices from almost-bare cabinets.

So, as I'm sitting here finishing off the first 32 ounces, and thinking about making tea, I'm getting hungry for lunch. Digging through the cabinets, I came across some Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Since starting WW two years ago, I've made soup a regular. Taco Soup, chicken vegetable soup, heck even vegetable soup. But, the only time I eat canned soup is when I'm sick. But, that's what was there, and I wasn't up to cooking for lunch.

I put the soup on to heat, threw some frozen broccoli and corn in, found some leftover barbecue chicken breasts (halved), and threw one of those in too.

I'm no longer hungry AND warm. I think I'll put some water on for tea to get the rest of my water in. I feel like an idiot drinking cold water, then complaining that I'm cold.

What are your quick throw together meals?

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you when it comes to drinking water when I'm cold. It makes it very hard to get my daily in. I have the hardest time in winter. I don't seem to be as thirsty so I will forget sometimes to drink.

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