Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I got this idea from another blog I read.

In July when I was at my personal goal weight of 150 (a few pounds under), this is what I looked like.

I was feeling great, even though I'd just gone through a crapload of hell. I was down to a size 10.

This next pic was taken last month at a retirement party my husband and I had gone to. I'd gained about 40 pounds.

So now I'm at a point, I have no clothes bigger than a 14, and very few of those. And, they are a bit too snug on me. They are tighter than they were when I wore them Thanksgiving 2006. I remember when they were loose enough that I had space in my butt.

Those pictures were taken on Sunday, May 4th.

My first challenge to myself will be to take the same pics wearing the same pants in exactly four weeks (Sunday, June 1st).

Goodbye Pounds, Hello Clothes
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Anonymous said...

Wow! you are brave! Kudos to you for posting pics in your less then happy size :-)Never catch me doing that!
I'm anonymous again, but its becoming clear I may have to join this site so I can comment regularly!

Gina said...

Good luck!! You can do it! Try taking a zumba class, you burn a lot of points!!

Shari Kraft said...

Hey Nadine! I can still add you to the challenge! With your permission, I will add you to the others. I would LOVE to have you!

I measure my body fat with an accumeasure caliper. It may not be the most accurate way...but as long as I use the same method and show a downward trend...I am a happy girl!

Susan said...

This site looks awesome. You did a great job and I can tell these people that when it comes to dropping pounds...you know how to do it in a healthy way. I'm totally in! i need to drop too, but I'm not posting pics of my butt!


Nadine you are an inspiration and an amazing determined woman. I love your site and how you approach everything.

Lotus Flower said...

How exuberantly exciting to view that figure less the unwanted poudage. I think you are one hot Momma!

Just keep on losing!


Michelle Gartner said...

I got a look at my back recently in the mirror and realized I have a fat back- and not like J-LO. I have been lifting weights, but sometimes after five kids I think there are things that won't be fixed without surgery.