Friday, May 2, 2008

Quitting Isn't an Option

I received a note on my last entry from Yardsale Princess, stating she's nervous about returning to her meeting because she gained a little bit, less than two pounds.

In 2004, I joined Weight Watchers for the first time. Assumed I could just cut down my portions, and continued to eat. I gained 4 POUNDS the next week. I walked out of that meeting, and didn't return for two years. You can read more of that store at my Say Goodbye to the Pounds main site.

When I rejoined Weight Watchers in 2006, over the 18 months, I lost 86 pounds. I had weeks where I gained, weeks where I lost, and weeks where I maintained. Sometimes I knew I was doing everything right and gained. Well, that could be water weight, period weight, or maybe I just had to go to the bathroom. If I had a heavy-eating day the day before, it would show up.

But, it wasn't a true gain. As long as I stayed on plan, it would come off the next week, and plus some (especially if Aunt Flo was visiting). Besides, my weight can fluctuate up to five pounds daily. One weight today, five pounds heavier tomorrow, and six pound lighter the next day. It's normal.

In January 2007, at my one-year anniversary, I'd lost 52 pounds. One pound a week, which included big losses, and an 8-pound gain over the December holidays.

This is what I did for my weigh-in days, which are at 5:30 Wednesday evenings:

I'd eat a normal breakfast (oatmeal with fruit, or cereal).
Lunch would consist of a salad.
I'd drink my water up until an hour before the meeting. Just to ensure I could make it there without any accidents.

If I weighed in in the mornings, I'd do so before eating breakfast. If it was at lunchtime, I'd eat breakfast, and lunch would be had afterwards.

The trick is to weigh in at the same time, wearing the same clothes (or similar) every time.

If you see a gain because you know you weren't on point, don't sweat it. The best thing you can do is be honest, own up to what you did, and move on.

If you gain, knowing you did everything right, then have faith that the next week you will see a bigger loss the next time, if you don't give up.

There's also an option to not be weighed in. So, if you know you've had a bad week and just gave up for the week, go to the meeting. Use your "don't weigh in" pass, and get the motivation from the meeting. No matter how bad I've been, Wednesday is like a start-over day for me. What happened in the past is over, and I have a do-over.

The worst thing you can do is give up and be afraid to return. If I'd stuck with it in 2004, I'd have been at my goal weight by 2006. If I hadn't allowed my money issues and my disaster-of-a-life to derail me last year, I would be at my goal weight now AND have a job with Weight Watchers. I was only 10 pounds away. Now I'm 50.

I have the poem, "Don't Quit" posted on my refrigerator, and I carry one in my bag. I'm not quitting this time. Quitting isn't an option. This time.

What's your biggest hurdle when trying to lose weight?

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JoLynn from The Fit Shack said...

Exactly - don't ever ever ever give up!

Haney said...

It's not a good time to go on a diet when my period is coming. Nowadays I kept having big appetite!