Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend #1

Was a bust, as far as Weight Watchers goes.

On Friday, we went out to dinner to this yummy diner. While I started out good, ordering a chicken wrap (with fries and coleslaw). When I'm following the plan, I eat half of the wrap, some of the fries, and bring the rest home. Well, I ate the whole damned thing!

Saturday, my husband made breakfast, which included cheesy scrambled eggs, a sausage link, and two hash browns. I had two of those dreaded cheese danishes as a snack. Hubby gave me a little bit of his leftover ribs, chicken & coleslaw (a very small amount), and dinner consisted of a double cheeseburger and fries.

Sunday, brought cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage, and two biscuits. No lunch or snacks. Dinner was a bit better with steak, broccoli and a baked potato with butter. It was so good, I forgot to save half the steak for tomorrow. I should have just left half in the pan after I cut it. But, I was greedy.

This is more for accountability. I'm not beating myself up. I usually do better on weekends, and this was the first. Besides, I allow myself to slip on weekends (not usually so much lol) and get back on track Monday mornings.

I plan on returning to the Weight Watcher meetings. They have free registration now, so I'll only pay for the meeting, then the monthly pass. And, when I get to goal (140 pounds), I should be able to get a job with them.

I think if I'd been working, and not holding a pity party for myself these past 10 months, I could've done it on my own. For the most part, it wasn't hard at all for me to stay on track. But, at this point, I know going to the meetings (and paying $40 per month), will keep me accountable. I won't be as willing to screw myself up and waste my money. I can only be a leader if I go to the meetings.

Approximately 52 pounds, at an average of two pounds per week, and I should be able to work with them in less than six months.

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