Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celebrity Fit Club (Repost 4/14/2008)

I'm a huge reality TV junkie. Celebrity Fit Club is one of my favorites!

As experts, we have the instructor, drill sergeant Harvey Walden, Dr. Ian K. Smith, and a psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser. If you've watched The Biggest Loser, its the same premise, except with celebs.

This year the theme is newbies versus CFC veterans at a military bootcamp.

The vets include Willie Ames (Eight is Enough), Toccara (plus-sized model), Tina Yothers (Family Ties), and the jerk of all jerks Dustin Diamond (Screech, Saved by the Bell).

The newbies include Erin Moran (Happy Days), Sommore (The Queens of Comedy), Brian Dunkleman (American Idol - I don't remember anyone other than Seacrest) and A.J. Benza (High Stakes Poker).

If you haven't watched it, let me tell you that Joanie is so far from "Shortcake" (Fonzie's nickname for her). She's a lush & a hoochie! So far they've shown her dancing at a bachelor party like she was the stripper; and this week she got drunk at a bar; got on stage for open mic night and did a hula hoop. When Toccara topped her by doing a few hula hoops on stage, she then topped herself by showing her Vagina Monologue role of performing an orgasm on the bus in front of the rest of the cast. Drunk and shown up, she cried how she "hated this show" and walked off into the woods, disappearing for long enough that some of the cast went looking for her. She comes back and tells them something like, "You people don't mean crap to me. I called my husband, he's important, I'm important, you're NOT."

Wow... Joanie Joanie Joanie! Just WOW!

I felt bad a few weeks ago when Toccara knocked the hell out of Erin, by hitting her in the head during a challenge. But, now I just feel like, "yeah, too bad, so sad."

Willie Ames was the jerk of his previous season. But, he came back to prove to the world and himself that his first time was a bad time in his life, and that he could get in shape. While I was tired of him in the first season, this year I'm liking him again. His knees are all busted up, yet he's running back & forth with cinder blocks. He's pushing a jeep up the hill. Only thing I don't like is the hair. He's gone back to the curly locks he had in Eight is Enough. No, dude. At 40, when you're leathery from the sun, bleach blonde Shirley Temple curls are NOT sexy!

Tina Yothers. She was adorable in Family Ties, and how many years later, she is still just adorable. She did great in her season, and is doing fantastic this year. She's supportive of everyone. She loses consistently every week. I have nothing but praise for her!

Now, I have to get to the bottom of the barrel. Screech. Oh.My.Gawd! I LOVED him on Saved by the Bell. But, he is no longer Screech. I won't even put what I call him in this blog, thats how bad it is. The nicest name I can call him is Jackass. I think thats what his name will be.

During his first season, we found out he produces porn. I'm not against porn at all, but... SCREECH??? He goes to porn trade shows and, just yuckkkkk. He wanted to get fit and continue eating the way he was. This idiot barely lost any weight until the last show, then he lost like 17 pounds in a week or two by taking pills. Oh yeah, way to follow the plan, Jackass!

He came this year to show that he wasn't a jackass. He was going to prove that he could do it. But, all he does is bitch & moan about how hard everything is. Well, duh, you're out of shape. If you exercise the way they want you to, you're going to get winded. No, its past winded for him. His shoulders hurt. His legs hurt. His quads hurt. He's out of breath. He might die. He feels like he's going to pass out.

He's got as many excuses as I have underwear! He gets drunk and tells Dunkleman that if he screws him over, Jackass will gut him. Tres cool dude! Harvey has a hatred in him from the first season. So, he harasses him every time he can. He's called him a "Nazi Ass", lazy, makes him does push ups in the rain. In my opinion, its all deserved. Except, Jackass tells Harvey that he's using racial slurs, he's picking on him. Harvey & Jackass got into it so bad that Harvey told him he would personally kick his butt. Well, Jackass said that was a federal crime, to threaten him. Then called his manager (aka girlfriend) and lawyer, and wants to shut production down. Yeah, sure, whatever. You signed up for this.

I don't have much to say about the rest of the cast. Most of them I don't know much about besides seeing them here & there, and I really don't care much about them.

I was really rooting for the vets. Except Jackass. They may have been losing the challenges, but they were kicking butt with the weight loss. This week, they switched teams. Tina & Jackass were traded for Erin and AJ. Bleh. It did make the weight loss between the two teams more equal. But, now I don't know who to root for, Toccara & Willie, or Tina.

As much as I'm complaining, I LOVE these shows! I am so thrilled when they lose weight and do well. I cheer for them. But, I also love the BS and the drama.

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